Are Whitening Strips Bad For My Teeth?

A lot of people use whitening strips. People choose these strips because they are readily available, very convenient, low in price and very easy to use. Furthermore, since the media tells us that the only way to happiness is perfectly white teeth, we end up looking for these products even more. Interestingly, however, this is nothing new. Tooth whitening procedures have been used since the Ancient Greeks. Unfortunately, the products they came up with were actually damaging and many people would lose their teeth altogether. This has left some people to wonder whether today’s products actually are safe.

The ADA (American Dental Association) has stated that the majority of teeth whitening products are effective and safe. A number of the products have been awarded with the Seal of Acceptance. However, according to the ADA, it is imperative that people get a dental consultation first. It has also been found that gum irritation is a common side effect of using tooth whiteners. There are two main issues to consider if you are worried about your teeth becoming damaged through these products. Firstly, you must look into the type of bleach that is used in your product of choice and find out how your teeth will respond to that. The second potential problem occurs if you do not follow the instructions properly.

There have been a number of reports of people experiencing damage because they overuse the product. Again, this is down to properly following the instructions. When bleach is used too frequently on hair, it breaks it down and this is what it does to the enamel of teeth as well. It has actually been known for teeth to become translucent through prolonged use of whitening strips. So can the use of whitening strips lead to damaged teeth? The answer would be both yes and no. There are dangers there if you use the product too often, if you use it the wrong way or if you haven’t looked into the condition of your teeth. However, this would imply that you did not follow any of the directions. As such, whitening strips are dangerous in the same way as what Anadin is. In reality, the ASA has declared these products to be safe for good reason. However, when declaring something safe, they declare it safe following instructions, not safe to do anything with. So, if you want to use teeth whitening strips, choose one that is recommended, visit your dentist first to check you don’t have any dental problems and fully follow the enclosed directions.