Commonalities Of Businesses With The Happiest Staff

What kind of things can be done to make sure employees are happy at work? What can you do to make sure employees feel appreciated and valued? Experts agree that there should be six priorities to achieve this.

First, it is all about trust. Both sides need to trust each other. If you get this right, then your employees know they are trusted to do their job properly, and they in turn trust that you will treat them right. Hence, make sure they are involved at every stage of the decision-making process. Secondly, it is about responsibility. By making sure your staff can live up to their responsibilities, but also giving them slightly more, you demonstrate that you trust their abilities too. You organizational culture is the next thing. A good organizational culture places the employee centrally in the organization. This will also attract new talent to your business. In fourth place is the ability to offer opportunities. It is about offering opportunities to grow and to learn within the organization. The fifth thing is recognition. Some people absolutely thrive on this and it helps them feel valued. A lot of people don’t really need this recognition, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy it when it is given to them regardless. There are plenty of ways to offer recognition, including personally or through such processes as employee of the month and so on. You have to make sure that when you praise someone, it is from the heart and genuine. The last thing is compensation. People work for money, which is how simple it is. However, at the same time, money is not the be all and end all of people’s lives. What they look for is fair compensation, particularly in a company that works on the other five pointers.

You will really see a massive difference simply by implementing these six steps. There may be a scope, however, to add one additional step to this. The seventh tip, therefore, is to make things personal. We always say that gifts are not about the object, but rather about the person. That is how this should be seen too. Doing so allows you to appreciate individuals and working relationships. As such, don’t give an employee of the month award to the CEO’s secretary, but rather to Anne Smith. Although this example is perhaps simplified, it does demonstrate the importance of making sure your employees know they are respected as individuals and not solely as the vital cog in the machine that is the organization.