Most Effective Selections For Above Surface Storm Shelters

Storm shelters are very strong safe rooms that are built and specially designed to withstand dangerous storms and even debris flying all over the place. You would stay safe even if your house gets damaged by these hurricanes. Can you make your home safe against the worst of nature’s storms? Hurricanes are difficult to predict, of that there is no doubt. The united States have been greatly affected by these hurricanes in 2004 until 2005. There are a lot of people that have experienced these extreme hurricanes firsthand and had to live through the ravages of the storm. First, you have to dig a hole that a foot deep, being certain it is equal to your design’s area.

This helps you set a budget accordingly, allowing you to shop for your materials, and most importantly, acquire the know-how to build your very own storm shelter if you move into a new home. You need to put up three wall frames and then nail a sheet of plywood to two inch thick ends of your 2 x 4 beams for every foot of length of the wall and then you need to flip the plywood and repeat the process on the other side. You have to put end caps to the shelter’s frames. These types of rooms and shelters are becoming quite common in areas where hurricanes are prevalent. Using lifts or pulley systems, you can carefully lower your storm shelter into the hole you have created. The storm shelters can also double as a tornado shelters. Fill the spaces around your storm shelter halfway using concrete, so it would be more stable to the ground. Also, this room has a durable shell, strong enough to resists impact, protecting people inside from flying debris that causes most storm-related injuries and deaths.

If you would like to put in electrical and other utility components in your shelter, you can easily do so. These shelters must be separate from the main structure so your home will be safely away from any debris that would come from the construction of the shelter. When you are building your above ground shelter, make sure that you are going to use walls that are made with reinforced concrete, with each cell reinforced with metal bars and concrete. You then need to pour concrete into the hole so you can make a floor and add stability to the walls.