Exciting Birthday Party Ideas For Teens

There is no denying it: a party becomes a great party when it has a pretty awesome theme. This is because teenagers can be real pains when it comes to finding something that they can enjoy with their friends and so this makes party planning quite difficult. This idea would click with girls aged 12 to 16 years. You can go to the mall ahead of time and make up ten clues by checking out stores, restaurants, food court, etc. You can divide your guests into groups and let them off to hunt for clues. This birthday party theme would click with teenage boys or if he is a member of a sports team at school.

Another great birthday party idea is the mystery party for teens where you can let your kids and their guests solve the “greatest crime”. You can organize a mystery party where your guests can choose costumes and parts that they can play and each of them would have a script or look for clues that you have put all over the house that they can look for and solve mysteries with. Your daughter and her friends would have hours of fun giving each other pedicures or facials and styling their hair. If you have pretty active teenagers and they have equally active friends, why not organize a paintball birthday party, one that would surely be talked about for weeks. You can dress up your party guests in paint balling armor and camouflage gear so they can all get ready to go crashing through your lawn and fight enemy teams.

Paint balling events can go for a number of hours and have enough running around to occupy even the most active of teenagers. You can have your daughter crown her guests as princesses with tiaras that you can buy from novelty stores and give out party favors filled with princess essentials and decorate your home with lots of sparkle and lots of pink, pink, pink! A well organized birthday party is not something that you are going to be worried about so long as you allow your child to invite specific people that you they know very well and talk to your child that he or she is not allowed to go over the set number of guests. There are a handful of things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to organizing a birthday party for teens. This way, they get to enjoy their favorite Twilight movies and have a memorable day with their friends.