Guidance And Help For Getting The Most Out Of Your Search For An Executive Or Business Coach

Most HR professionals will be asked at some point to look for a business or executive coach. In the past, this was a task that individual directors would be charged with, so it is a good thing that this has gone to HR, as these are the people that are trained in looking for the right things. Additionally, this change has increased the understanding of HR’s role in managing talent. One of the great benefits of moving the search for coaches with HR is that the standards expected of these coaches has increased tremendously as well. However, it is also a challenge, because HR now has to come up with a proper process of finding the right people. HR professionals must make sure they develop a relevant and responsive strategy. Hopefully, the following tips will be of benefit in choosing the right business or executive coach.

Firstly, asking for referrals from a trusted network of contacts is a great idea. Invite potential candidates to interview to see who they would best work with and how. Use this to actually create a pool of coaches, so you can choose the ones you need as and when necessary. You should give preference to coaches that have a flexible approach, rather than those that rigidly stick to one or two specific methods. Of course, you should only work with executive coaches that are ethical. They should also draw up a coaching contract for every assignment. Personality goes a long way, and you should only work with people that are positive in their attitude and highly enthusiastic. If they don’t have those traits, they won’t be able to inspire people either. Once you feel you have a good selection of coaches available, make sure you put in official reference requests for them. Also ask them to give a demonstration of their coaching methods by organizing a short session with someone in your company. Make sure you also find out how your coaches have experienced their past assignments, and what they believe to be their strongest points and their areas for improvement. Finally, make sure that the coachee has a very big say in the decision as well, as it will affect them the most.

It is hoped that these tips will have been beneficial in helping you create a strategy to find great coaches. Always be on the lookout for new coaches with new skills, so that you can bring them in as and when required. Do make sure that you keep your list under constant review by speaking to your coaches regularly.