How To Keep Your Home Secure And Safe This 2014

You have to do everything you can to make sure that your home remains secure regardless if you live in a fourth floor apartment walk-up so tiny you have to put your feet in the shower stall every time you use the commode or live in a mansion on top of a hill. Even if you do not have a lot of expensive things inside your home, you have to understand that quite often, the contents of a person’s letters; documents; computer files or even online activity are far more valuable than the contents of a person’s wallet. truth be told, there is no need to spend a lot of money on home security systems or tools; so long as of course you know exactly what you are going to buy.

To start with, you have to invest in cameras so you can monitory your home and be alerted of trespassers or suspicious activity at all hours of the day. Night vision cameras are most popular for obvious reasons; you can monitor trespassers or unwanted activity around your property even in the dark. You should also invest in a real time security DVR so you can watch what the cameras are picking up within the safety of your home. You also need to minimize the chances of your security cameras getting found and well – dealt with by these burglars by investing in wireless security cameras, if you can. Apart from security cameras, you can also buy a motion detector that not only will sound an alarm loud enough to wake the dead, but would also flood your property with bright lights, enough to scare and drive away even hardened thieves.

Your computer also needs to be protected since most people these days save a lot of sensitive and important information on their PCs and laptops. A common thing to do is to install a reliable anti-virus software on your PC or laptop in order to protect all your data. Carefully choose an internet browser; opt for those that come with anti malware and anti phishing systems to protect your PC. Make sure that you filter spam in your email so you can avoid opening troublesome emails. If you must be away from your home for a few days or more, make sure that you set up remote video surveillance systems that allow you to monitor what’s going on around your property even if you are not there and report any unwanted activity around your home to the proper authority.