Laying A Strong Foundation To Build A Sticky Blog

Anytime you come across a blog that is able to make money or get a lot of traffic, then you have a picture of many processes working well together. A sticky blog is one in which visitors stay a while and even return because they find value. Once you figure out what people want and give it to them the right way, then you are on your way to stickiness. Naturally, any time you create the desire to keep going back to your site, then you really are on your way with something good. We know you want your blogs to be sticky and get returning traffic, so then that means you have to learn and do. Continue on here because you are very close to unlocking the secrets involved.

The more you can create a feeling of interaction, the more your readers will feel like they are involved. If you have nothing on your site for that effect, then there is a little bit of disconnect.

One thing that all readers tend to like is give and take in the comments section with the blog owner. Posting replies to comments should be your top priority just because of what it means to them. There is no reason to not be able to do this, so approach it with seriousness because the effect can be profound. Never assume any visitor knows what it means to subscribe to your blog, so you have to tell them about it. Not everybody is familiar with RSS and not all of your readers know how easy it is to stay updated. Take the time to put something up extolling the various virtues of being an RSS subscriber. We have only seen a few blogs where an entire page was devoted to this, how to do it and why it should be done. Regardless of what approach you take, don’t cease to educate your readers because the more they know, the more they’ll act.

Think of what you can do with content such as publishing a two or three part series, and be sure to tell people that the post they are reading will be continued. Always give good information, but in this case you want to make it better and better with the series. But just be a little careful that you do not overplay this strategy, and be sure you avoid that with any method. If you really think about this, you will find quite a few things that are possible. Never think that making your blog sticky is something beyond your capacity to influence or even control. Just do not fall into the negative habit of thinking that you cannot do something like this. People will forgive a little site discomfort if the content is so over the top they cannot refuse it. So, just be sure that you do not blow this off or overlook it because then nothing will change.