Making Sure Wet Days with Children are Fun

Rainy days are hideous and a perfect way to make sure your day will be one of complete stress. You would almost thing children do it on purpose: when it’s sunny, they never want to do anything, but as soon as it rains, they proclaim in dramatic tones that they are totally bored. It is not uncommon for children to find themselves on the naughty chair several times during the course of a rainy day. Children don’t suddenly become evil, however, they simply feel claustrophobic being cooped up inside. However, there is no need for a rainy day to end up in bedlam and screaming kid. There are actually plenty of fun things to do to keep everybody entertained. Let’s take a look at some of the things you could all get involved in.

For example, why not make your own TV show. This is an activity with a range of different elements, meaning that your kids will be entertained for hours and hours. Start by getting the kid to create their own television using a cardboard box for instance. After this, they need to make sure that they have a program prepared to present as well. Finally, they get to actually present their program to everybody else. Naturally, board games are always a lot of fun too. Do, however, make sure you pick a game that doesn’t end within five minutes but pick something like Risk or Monopoly instead. Most kids also like to craft, because they can actually see the results. And then, there is baking. Children love both crafting and eating, which is something that baking actually combines. You can even bake in a family-orientated way, making everybody bake something for someone else. For example, you could get everybody to make gingerbread men to represent the other members of the family.

Don’t try to get the children to do things that are useful to you. The reality is that adults regularly use rainy days to do all those boring things we have been putting off. For example, we think it is the perfect opportunity to catch up on paperwork or do our administration. It is on these days that we suddenly want to tidy up the messy drawers or cupboard under the stairs. Don’t be tempted by this if the children are at home, because it will simply annoy them and they will misbehave. Whatever you decide to do, it should be something fun that everybody can get involved in. A rainy day can be lots of fun, allowing you to dance in the rain or jump in puddles of mud.