Where Does One Take In The Most Calories – Restaurants Or Buffets?

A lot of people are trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, as much as we know we have to watch what we eat, there are so many temptations out there. There should be nothing wrong with going out for a meal once in a while. We don’t want to have to check every single thing we eat for calories. Not just that, we know from scientific evidence that telling ourselves we are not allowed something simply makes it more tempting. But which little treat is worse, the restaurant or the buffet?

It is a known fact that people who eat at a buffet tend to overeat. Since most buffets are “all you can eat”, we simply eat far more than we need. Additionally, buffets are often found at parties. It has been demonstrated that calorie consumption almost always goes up at a buffet. The dishes presented at a buffet are high in calories, contained many sugars and saturated fats. However, it isn’t just about what is offered at a buffet, but also about how we treat it. With an a la carte menu, we tend to purchase a single dish and enjoy it. This is different from a buffet, where people want to get more for their money and hence eat everything that is there. We know that we usually go for seconds, sometimes even thirds, when we go to a buffet. Additionally, there is so much to offer at a buffet that we often want to try it all. We tend to ignore the very few vegetables that are on offer, choosing the more unusual snacks instead. The problem is that tasting even a little bit of every meal there will cost more calories than eating in a restaurant.

Of course, small nibbles are better than full plates. It is better to simply select a few dishes and have a small helping, rather than building the Eiffel Tower on your plate. Additionally, you should wait at least 10 minutes between servings. This is the best way to allow your body to feel full, thereby helping you to not actually get that second serving. Also, it is better to use small plates like a dessert plate. It is well-known that this is a great way to reduce calorific intake, simply because less fits on the plate. A final useful trick is to not face the buffet when you are eating, thereby stopping yourself from being tempted by further helpings, which has been psychologically proven to be effective.