Plants Near Houses with Wood Siding Can Cause Horrible Maintenance Nightmares

It is normal to have a gorgeous garden with trees and bushes. Before you head on out to the nearest garden center for your bushes, you need to understand that some can really cause you a lot of trouble. This is particularly true if you have a wood home. Let’s take a look at some of the trees to avoid.

First, there is the hugely popular silver maple. It is big and it grows quickly, which is why so many of us choose this particular true. The downside of this rapid growth is that the wood is weak and brittle. It happens very quickly that they break during storms, falling on the roof of a home. To make things worse, the roots grow really shallowly, which can destroy driveways and foundations. Ash is also a problematic one. We all love ash, which is why it is one of the most commonly found trees in our country. Considering we use ash not just in furniture but also to make baseball bats, it becomes clear why this truly is the all American tree. However, it is susceptible to the ash borer beetle. If you have a wood house, the beetle may just infest your home as well. Another example is the quaking aspen. This is a tree found in the northern parts of the country. The tree has beautifully vibrating leaves and a stunning white color, which is what makes it so popular. However, their root system is one of the largest in the world, and it will think nothing of growing straight through your house. In fact, if you look at the Guinness World Record Book, you will find Pando, which is an aspen with a 6,600 ton root system that is around 80,000 years old. Also avoid the hybrid poplar. When you mix two types of poplar, you will get a hybrid, which is susceptible to all sorts of diseases that can infect a wood home as well. Finally, there is the willow. Willow is incredibly beautiful and popular. It is one of the thirstiest kinds of trees around and its roots will burrow and dig for any water that is around. There are plenty of properties that have cracked foundations because the roots of their willow trees have gone through them in their quest for water.

Obviously, you may want to avoid the aforementioned trees and bushes. Additionally, you have to remember that there are many other problematic plants out there. This really demonstrates how important it is that you do your research. After all, having a home is more important than having a nice garden.