Random Drug Testing Public Schools – Is It Legally Allowed?

For many years, public high schools, medical facilities and even corporate offices do random drug tests. Drug testing is actually a very simple process: urine sample is taken from students or employees and is tested for traces of drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, opiates or marijuana. So why do some schools wish to conduct these random drug tests and is it legal for them to do so? The main reason public high schools are conducting random drug tests is so they can eliminate drug use and abuse among their students. Also, knowing that random drug tests can be done any time serves as a deterrent, giving students a good reason to resist peer pressure and take drugs. In addition, proper intervention can be done since these drug tests help school administrators identify which students are taking drugs.

Although there is no denying the benefits of random drug tests as a way to determine which students are taking drugs, random drug tests must not be taken as a standalone solution towards preventing drug use in high school students.While you cannot deny that dong random drug tests would easily identify students that are taking and abusing illegal drugs, it should not be taken as a standalone solution to curbing the use of illegal drugs among today’s high schools students. Once testing is done, it should but be a part of a broader solution to combat drug abuse in public high school students. There should be intervention programs, treatment options and support groups that would complete the process. And because teenagers are the most vulnerable to drug abuse due to peer pressure and curiosity, it is important that these drug tests are done to solve any problems if there is a need. The question now is this: are random drug tests even legal to be done in public high schools?

The US Supreme Court allowed in June, 2002 to do random drug tests for middle school and high school students that are going to participate in extracurricular activities and this ruling has been expanded to include schools drug testing. An important thing to keep in mind though, is that before a school or a school district can be allowed to do random drug tests on their students, they need to seek legal advice to be sure that their process and standards remain in compliance with local, state and federal laws although it is also important to note that every state could have different laws governing random drug testing on public high school students. This would ensure that the rights of the school administrators, the parents and most especially, the students are going to be protected all the while protecting them from the dangers of using and abusing illegal drugs.