The Best Way To Keep Your Teenagers Entertained

Teens are the hardest people to entertain. They seem to have taken up permanent residence in their bedroom, when they do decide to get home that is. Often, the only way to get teenagers to stay downstairs in the family room is by placing the computer there. The only thing that they do seem to interact with is social media, which they access from their mobile phone, which they never go without. Added to that, teenagers generally don’t like to spend time with adults, whom they see as being boring and annoying. So what do you do? How do you make sure your teens remain an integral part of the family unit? Are there activities that teens enjoy that you can enjoy with them or vice versa?

The great outdoors is by far the best place to take your teenager for family activities. It is likely that they will not show any enthusiasm in the build-up to it, but they will relax once there. Go foraging and involve them in cooking a meal, get them to build a campfire on the beach, get stuff together for a shelter and camp out for the night. If none of these activities are suitable where you live, there are other activities you can get involved in as well. Go to a museum that discusses one of your teen’s interests, for instance. Follow this up with some shopping or a nice bit of lunch. Or, you could decide to do a physically active activity. Most teens enjoy such things as laser tag, bowling, karting and so on. Plus, younger children can enjoy this too. Learn about your teen’s interests (that doesn’t involve social media) and see what activities would fit. If they are athletic, for instance, you could train for a “thon” together, such as a marathon or biathlon.

The most important thing to remember when you want to do something fun for the entire family including your teen is that they should be involved in the planning. Teens are hard to manage, because they have discovered that they can be independent and they want to be that as much as possible. Use this to your and their advantage by putting the management of the activity in their hands. They can suggest where to go, how to get there and how much it will cost. Also, considering letting your teen bring a friend, even if you are trying to organize a family activity, as they will appreciate that greatly.