Tips for Playing Baseball Safely

There is always going to be the chance that you get injured while play baseball or other sports, but when specific safety precautions are taken, players can really decrease the chance of having problems on the field. By maintaining a high fitness level, wearing the right gear and paying attention during games and practice, there’s much less chance of injuries. Let us look at a few of the key things to remember in order to remain safe while playing baseball.

Coaches first need to be completely aware of players conditions or injuries that existed prior to play. For example if a player has an injury that hasn’t had enough time to completely heal you won’t want them making the injury worse by continuing to play while injured. Similarly you’ll want to be sure that you don’t wait to check on injuries sustained during game play. Some players will try to put up a brave front and act like they aren’t badly hurt, but coaches or managers have to use their best judgment and decide if medical attention should be sought. Most usually a sprained ankle or shoulder injury is only exacerbated by continuing to play.

Everyone should recognize the potential danger that bats represent. Players should never swing bats casually, as that’s how accidents happen. A good rule to follow is no swinging bats during games unless you’re the hitter or on deck. Coaches should reinforce the importance of staying clear of anyone with a bat. Any player holding a bat should always look to make sure no one is nearby before swinging it. The potential danger of bats should be emphasized by coaches to ensure no one is careless about this issue.

When playing in extreme heat it’s important to stay well hydrated. Most activity will make a person thirsty but when you’re in the heat of a game you may not think to drink more especially for young players. Especially in hot weather places it’s easy for even a healthy player to suffer heat exhaustion or sunstroke. There are of course times when too much heat should be a sensible reason for cancelling a game. If you are the parent of a young player, you should use your judgment about allowing your child to play if the temperatures are going to be unusually high. It’s critical for your players to be well hydrated no matter what the weather. If you use some common sense and follow these basic guidelines baseball can be fun. Use this information to arm yourself against the careless accidents that can be avoided to make the game more safe for spectators and players alike. Follow the rules and these safety guidelines as a parent, coach or player for the best results. You’ll keep your players, yourself and your spectators safe with the use of the above guidelines for a fun game of baseball.