Useful Tips To Conserve Electricity

Compared to other countries worldwide, the US consumes energy the most. And with all the troubles Earth is confronting today with pollution and ozone layer depletion, we need to help conserve electricity, which in turn will help our world.

Here, we are going to discuss just a few things you can do to help save energy and also save a little bit of money every day. There is nothing complex about what we are going to share with you but you should attempt to do these things in order to save the Earth.

One thing you can do is to simply switch off the lights when you leave a room. Most people will go out of a room for 10 to 15 minutes to go to the kitchen to get a snack or to do something else and they leave the light on in the room they left because they will be coming back in to the room after a few minutes. If you do this for just a couple of times every day, it could add up to at least thirty minutes of squandered electrical energy. While you wasting what could be thirty minutes of power a day may not seem like much, remember that millions of other people are doing it too. If you add up the minutes for the year, that would be about 182 hours of power just for one light in one room for each person that does this. Let’s say that we actually leave the lights switched on for roughly 182 hours every single year and let’s multiply that by one million people. That’s 182 million hours of energy wasted per year coming from a light that is left turned on in one room.

One other wasteful habit that many people do is switch the lights on when entering a room. This has become something that’s done by many people. I find I do this quite frequently. The issue is that most of the time, there is adequate light coming into a room. You will nonetheless come in and turn the light on. Add to that, a lot us fail to remember to turn the lights off because there is already a great deal of natural light coming in we don’t realize the light is still flipped on. You need to make a conscious effort to leave the lights flipped off if there is enough natural light in a room.

One other problem is people leaving appliances like TVs and radios turned on the entire day, even when they are not using them. A good example is my mother; she’s always leaving the Telly switched on in the living room, even though she’s is in the kitchen cooking a meal or cleaning the rest of the house. You can imagine the amount of electricity being wasted. If you are not going to be in the room anymore and the TV is on, flip it off.

These are just a few things that anyone can do so easily but can have a big effect on our attempts to save electrical energy and to save our planet. It doesn’t take much to do what we explained but if everyone does it, no matter how little it may be, it will have a big positive outcome.