What Is The Better Choice?? A Used Mattress Or A Brand New Mattress?

We know that mattresses are expensive objects. However, regardless of the expense, we absolutely need them. Of course you have the option of purchasing something like a camping bed, mat or airbed, but this really isn’t something you can keep up for a long time. One alternative would be to sleep in a hammock, but some people don’t find those comfortable. A big problem with hammocks, however, is that they require a lot of space, and they are only suitable for those who are able to get in and out of them safely. It is clear, therefore, that you really need a mattress, but do you have to purchase a brand new one, or is a used model good enough? Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of both options.

New mattresses are obviously the most expensive. Of course, brand new mattresses will last a lot longer. Hence, buying a used model means you have to buy them more often, thereby creating a type of false economy. Of course, comfort is also very important. Some people struggle to properly break in a brand new mattress, finding themselves uncomfortable for a few weeks. A lot of people find that used mattresses, so long as they are not too used, are comfortable straight away. Naturally, what also matters is the type of mattress you purchase. Finally, if you were to purchase a new bed frame, it will usually come without the mattress, whereas used bed frames usually have the mattress included. As such, you could decide to purchase a new mattress at a later date and already be set should you opt for the second hand frame. Can it be concluded that a used mattress is the one to go for then? Not quite.

Used mattresses can pose a number of dangers. Particularly if you buy a mattress for a baby or infant, you must be aware of the dangers. The chance of them suffering from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is massively increased, although it is not known why. Of course, whenever we purchase a used mattress, we need to think about the hygiene issues. As soon as you lie down on a used mattress, you will be lying on a bed of dead skin cells and other bodily secretions that don’t belong to you. You do manage to protect yourself somewhat from these issues by putting a sheet over your mattress, but some will still get through. As such, you should always choose a new mattress if you can.