What You Need To Know About Childhood Obesity

Press coverage is something that childhood obesity has been getting a lot of for a long time. Even in the US where this has reached epidemic proportions, the press coverage has made little difference.

We are not going to assign blame to people or discuss what makes people obese as we all know this already. In the later years of a child’s life they can have major health dangers or even have their life threatened if they are obese or overweight now. Physical and psychological areas are suffering in a noticeable percentage of this entire generation. As well as having to endure being a teen, they should not have to put up with the brutality from their peers for being overweight. In this day there are some things obese children have to face and we are going to look closer at these.

The type and severity of medical conditions that are experienced by young children and teens who suffer from obesity are highly varied. There are a lot of different influences, some of which might be genetic. Kids and teens who suffer from severe obesity are more likely to develop a variety of conditions that cause problems for joints and bones. Many times the load bearing joints in particular will develop problems. The feet, ankles, knees and hips are particularly prone to skeletal stress. Kids will experience joint pain, often in the back, as well as a constant state of low-grades of swelling around the joints. Arthritis is a common problem with these kids and teens too.

"Children are cruel" is perhaps the oldest and most commonly spread expressions out there. It’s likely that most of us have experienced this truism at some point in our lives. Obese children are quite a lot more likely to be forced to endure cruelty in the form of verbal humiliation and teasing. Is it any wonder, then, how these kids can get through all of those years of school and keep their sanity intact. Everybody knows how possible it is to suffer consequences of that kind of abuse. The list of psychological issues these kids suffer from is quite long.

Part and parcel with the constant bullying and feelings of being ostracized they encounter at school, kids who suffer from obesity are just about guaranteed to develop some form of social dysfunction. One other term used is "social disabilities" in which there are high degrees of depression, extreme levels of unhappiness, etc. One natural result of all of this is super high stress levels which are known to be detrimental to both the brain and the body. Curiously this means that some kids will become bullies themselves. Obviously this is the result of the kids letting their anger and frustration at being bullied themselves build up to dangerous levels.

Obviously, by the time they have reached this condition, these kids are at a tremendous social and physical disadvantage. We all know how hard it is to lose weight and that you have to be very determined and have lots of support to do it. Parents and any friends the child has need to be as supportive as humanly possible. Young adults and kids alike are resilient people and have an easier time bouncing back once healthy directions have been taken. Obviously, however that depends on what–if any–serious medical conditions have been made apparent.